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Middle School


Middle School

Middle School is a pre-cursor to High School life, where the student works closely with the teacher on his/her strengths and weakness. The most important goal during Middle School years is to develop a regular study routine, habit and work on the overall development of the child’s attitude. The Middle School follows the CBSE curriculum and components issued by the NCERT.

The following are the subjects for the Middle School:

  • Mathematics
  • Science
  • Social Science
  • Computer Science

Student Assessment

  • Teachers use a range of assessment methods to pinpoint areas of strength and trouble-spots for students, making them better equipped to plan effectively to meet their students’ needs.
  • Standard, traditional assessments – tests that we are all familiar with – can be helpful in allowing teachers to communicate with students, families, administrators, and other educational stakeholders, keeping them apprised of student progress. But this is only one of many forms of assessment in the modern classroom – others include verbal questioning, group discussion, peer assessment, extended writing, flashcards, exit tickets, and interactive quizzes, to name just a few.
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