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Field Trips & Excursions


Field Trips & Excursions

We have correlated our field trips to the curriculum standards which help to bring a spark that helps to shape a child’s future other than using pencil and Paper. Therefore it helps student to acquire better knowledge, culture and hands-on experience.

Field Trips

Field trips are a valuable part of the school’s educational programme. Field trips are planned as an educational experience. They are preceded by an orientation session and followed by a discussion and evaluation of the experience.

  •  Common carriers or school-owned transportation will be used for field trips.
  • All field trips will be adequately supervised by the teacher and other adult assistants.

Educational Travel (Excursions & Exchange Programme)

  • Educational travel within India and abroad is also organised and  arranged by the school.

Educational travel is differentiated from “field trips” on the basis that the travel entails one or more nights away from home. Children should be encouraged to go on these trips as it enhances learning, develops team spirit, co-operation responsibility and leadership among the children.

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