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Building Greenery

Green School Buildings create an environment where students and teachers are more comfortable, less prone to illness and more focused on teaching and learning. The quality of school facilities is often overlooked as a major factor in students’ Scholastic performance. However, school buildings are not only the setting for learning they can also help or hinder the learning process.

  • Greenery in classroom purifies the air; it reduces concentrations of Co2 and volatile organic compounds, keeping the air fresh and healthy.
  • Outdoor vegetation reduces heat in and around schools in the summer, lowering hear stress and reducing the need for artificial cooling.
  • Green roofs and facades increase insulation capacity, reducing both heating and cooling expenditure.
  • Moisture released into the air by plants in buildings help with dry atmosphere reducing headaches and improving concentration.
  • Visible greenery both indoor and out reduces stress and increases the ability to concentrate.
  • Green play grounds encourage playing outdoors and foster a better social climate.
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