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Adopting a School

The process of transforming school education by the active involvement of donors, non-government organizations and corporate sectors through the School Adoption Programme. Under this programme the donors can select any school and prepare a programme of action for a specific period for the all-round development of the school at improving the educational system of the school.

The following is a suggestive list of priority actions that can be considered by the donors under the School Adoption programme:

  • Provision of water and toilet facilities to the school separately for boys and girls.
  • Construction and renovation of existing building.
  •  Provision for developing school garden, fencing or compound wall.
  • Provision of equipment and furniture
  •  Providing computers/funding for computer training of students.
  •  Strengthening of Laboratory and Library.
  •  Developing of playground/provision of play materials
  • Building school infrastructure.
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